Cow Herd
  • Our cow herd is made up of bloodlines such as Sitz Upward 307R, HARB Pendleton 765, TC Frankling 619, Connealy Thunder, Connealy Reflection, KG Power Design, KCF Bennett Total, Bushs Strut 756, BC Emblazon 854E, TC Total 410, Connealy Foundation 426, TC Grid Topper 355, Sitz Tradition, BCC Bushwacker, RP 3rd Bushwacker, Twin Valley Precision E161, SA Neutron 377, Woodhill Admiral 77K, B/R New Frontier 095, Tigre Grande P515, Bon View Bando 598, Willow Creek Spade 603, Wittness 116, Dynasty 065 and other proven sires.

    We run our cows much like our commercial customers. A cow is a factory. She is kept if she can produce a quality end product by converting summer range into milk, keeping herself in breeding condition, and surviving our winter weather regardless of bloodlines. Our environment dictates the size of our cows, which are moderate in frame. We breed our females to the industry’s most proven sires for siring replacement females and adding additional pounds to their calves. Most of our bull customers still sell their calves by the pound and they expect the genetics we offer them to provide an opportunity to add as many pounds as possible to each calf crop. We feel in order to do this we use the breeds’ most recognized female producing sires along with the breeds most sought after growth sires with valuable proven carcass traits. We feel it’s the best way for every animal to reach their full potential.