Cow Herd
  • Our cow herd is made up of bloodlines such as Musgrave Stunner, Basin Rainmaker, Bubs Southern Charm,

    Musgrave Blaster, Coleman, Charlo 0256, Vision Unanimous 1418, Connealy Countdown, Basin Payweight 1682, WCF Payweight 5228,

    Sitz Upward 307R, Mogck Bullseye 691, Flag Cross Country 90052, S SummiT 956, SAV Resource 1441, Basin Excitement, and more.

    Bushs Strut 756 daughter with Basin Excitement hfr. calf


    We run our cows much like our commercial customers. A cow is a factory. She is kept if she can produce a quality end product by converting summer range into milk, keeping herself in breeding condition, and surviving our winter weather regardless of bloodlines. Our environment dictates the size of our cows, which are moderate in frame. We breed our females to the industry’s most proven sires for siring replacement females and adding additional pounds to their calves. Most of our bull customers still sell their calves by the pound and they expect the genetics we offer them to provide an opportunity to add as many pounds as possible to each calf crop. We feel in order to do this we use the breeds’ most recognized female producing sires along with the breeds most sought after growth sires with valuable proven carcass traits. We feel it’s the best way for every animal to reach their full potential.

    MCATL BLACKBIRD 831-1378 (66,000 Donor Dam purchased from Musgrave Angus)                      WC BLACKBIRD 0129 (BLACKBIRD 831 X LT CONVERSE 8011)


    pasture shotsummer 2010 059Cows in pasture